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Sanguine Rose Is Coming Soon To Steam!

Ooof. So uhh. Yeah, March wasn't a great month, huh? No matter how you slice it, things have been pretty shitty for almost everyone. If you're being impacted financially by what's going on- please don't spend outside of your means, you can always pick up our stuff in the future. Also, masks, hand washing, and social distancing are important things to keep in mind.

Otherwise, we're doing our best to continue on as normal- releases have been impacted slightly, but everyone the TinyHat publishing family is doing it's best to push on as normal- check out some of what we got done in March and are looking to release in April!

Join a team of four plucky mercenaries as they find themselves on a job gone wrong- trapped with the deadliest and most seductive woman on the continent. They will soon find out just how far this vixen is willing to go to earn back her freedom. Sanguine Rose launches on April 17th- Watch the trailer and wishlist it now!

Due to COVID-19 related setbacks- Yu Escape's release has been pushed back to May 1st. However, it's still sexy, fun, and most of all, going to be FREE! Check it out and wishlist it now!

Hizor Games have recently released a brand new update for Uni: Build 0.2. This build features new sex scenes, new story beats, and more! CHECK OUT THEIR PATREON!

We're working with a new title on the label- Memoirs of a Battle Brothel! They released a demo showing off their upcoming game! GET IT NOW ON STEAM!

Looking for more adult games? Check out our catalog on Steam!

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