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Sanguine Rose Is Now Available On Steam!

Is everyone safe and settled into their quarantine shelters? As the days drag on, it's important we all keep busy and entertained. Thankfully, we're continuing to produce more content to help with that! As previously promised, TinyHat studios will continue to pump out releases as often and consistently as we can despite the global pandemic.

If you're being impacted financially by what's going on- please don't spend outside of your means, you can always pick up our stuff in the future. Also, wear a damn mask if you can! #masksaresexy

It's finally here, the new, updated, and refined Steam release of Sanguine Rose is on Steam!

Join a team of four plucky mercenaries as they find themselves on a job gone wrong- trapped with the deadliest and most seductive woman on the continent.

They will soon find out just how far this vixen is willing to go to earn back her freedom. Pick it up on a 10% launch week discount!

A new major content update is coming to Seeds of Chaos! Siegebreaker brings new story, new sex scenes, and more!


Looking for a quirky adventure game, of the escape room variety? Then check out the FREE first chapter of Yu Escape, coming in May!


To help everyone pass time during lockdown, the Yu Escape Team, Team Tailnut, have released another short FREE game!

No catch, no microtransactions, just plain ol' raunchy fun! Hope you guys enjoy the game!


Looking for more adult games? Check out our catalog on Steam!

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